Tribute to Adrian M.

This is a beautiful tribute to Adrian with his beautiful voice providing the vocals. Take a listen (click here).

Old Man River Ol' man river . That ol' man river . He don't say nothing . But he must know something . Cause he just keeps rolling . He keeps rolling along . Rollin' along . He don't plant tators . He don't plant cotton . Them that plants 'em is soon forgotten . But ol' man river . He keeps rolling along . You and me . We sweat and strain . Body all aching . And wracked with pain . Tote that barge . Lift that bale . Get a little drunk . And you land in jail . I gets weary . Sick of trying . I'm tired of living . Feared of dying . But ol' man river . He's rolling along. Songwriters: Jerome Kern / Oscar Ii Hammerstein


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Louise's funeral

Dear sisters, All members of St. Peters' C.W.L. are invited to participate in the "Honour Guard" for our dear Sister and Past President of St. Peter's C.W.L., Louise Adams at her Funeral Mass on Frida