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Tribute to Adrian M.

This is a beautiful tribute to Adrian with his beautiful voice providing the vocals. Take a listen (click here).

Old Man River Ol' man river . That ol' man river . He don't say nothing . But he must know something . Cause he just keeps rolling . He keeps rolling along . Rollin' along . He don't plant tators . He don't plant cotton . Them that plants 'em is soon forgotten . But ol' man river . He keeps rolling along . You and me . We sweat and strain . Body all aching . And wracked with pain . Tote that barge . Lift that bale . Get a little drunk . And you land in jail . I gets weary . Sick of trying . I'm tired of living . Feared of dying . But ol' man river . He's rolling along. Songwriters: Jerome Kern / Oscar Ii Hammerstein


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