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respect for all human life

As Catholics, we believe that all human life should be respected from conception until natural death.

Keeping this belief in our minds and actions, St. Peter’s Resolutions & Legislation Committee would like to bring you up-to-date on the latest news.

We would like to begin a ‘grass roots’ discussion to inform our CWL sisters at St. Peter’s Parish and our Parishioners of the latest developments in this area.

· We will continue to write ‘Templates’ for you to send to our government officials.

· We will begin writing a ‘Position Paper’ with the latest statistics and government bills.

· We will ask Diocesan for a ‘Call to Action’ to involve other parishes within the Diocese

Below are websites that give information about this terrible scourge on our country:

· Euthanasia Prevention Coalition


· Look up: Tristin Hopper – National Post Articles – Euthanasia

· Fr. Raymond De’Souza -

** Of utmost importance is to ‘talk it up’ with family, friends, neighbours. Give them details, discuss the issue. Spread this news as a lot of folks do not know of these developments, these statistics and the mainstream press is just now beginning to write about it.

September 2022 report on Resolutions & Legislation


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