The month of October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary.

At one time there were hundreds of mysteries until sometime between the 1400-1500's when the fifteen that we use today were fixed as "the Mysteries of the Rosary." In 2002 Pope John Paul II added the five Luminous Mysteries.

Pope John Paul II tells us that when you meditate on a complete Rosary, one recalls the "the chief mysteries of the Christian religion," "the mysteries of our Redemption," "the great mysteries of Jesus and His Mother united in joys, sorrows, and triumphs." The twenty mysteries are divided into four equal groups, known as "The Joyful," "The Sorrowful," "The Glorious," and "The Luminous Mysteries." (


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Louise's funeral

Dear sisters, All members of St. Peters' C.W.L. are invited to participate in the "Honour Guard" for our dear Sister and Past President of St. Peter's C.W.L., Louise Adams at her Funeral Mass on Frida