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St. Joseph - descendant of Kind David, the husband of Mary, foster father to Jesus, a carpenter. He is the patron saint of unborn children, fathers, workers, travelers, immigrants, and a happy death (Litany of St. Joseph).

St. Pius V - He is responsible for imposing the decrees of the Council of Trent, reforming the Roman Missal, ordering a new edition of the works of Thomas Aquinas, fighting Protestantism, excommunicating Queen Elizabeth I, and re-energizing the Inquisition. While pope the Christian Fleet defeated the Turks in the battle of Lepanto on October 7, 1571. He asked that all of Europe recite the Rosary; and that each man on board the ship pray the Rosary and receive communion. He has also been called ‘the Pope of the Rosary’ for this reason.

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Found this new Facebook page and they also have a Podcast you can download and listen to. It started in January 2010 as a response to Pope Benedict's letter to evangelize the world in a digital format

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