As we begin the month of May, I thought I would post a couple of blogs on the Rosary. The Rosary was formed thousands of years ago (like in the 2nd century), but the Rosary as we see it today was designed by St. Dominick two thousand years ago. Tradition says that the Virgin Mary appeared to him and asked St. Dominick to spread devotion to the Rosary for peace and salvation. The meaning of the word "rosary" is a crown of roses, so it's like a spiritual bouquet of flowers we give to Mary every time we say it. Do you know that there are at least 117 different names for Mary (the most honoured woman in the world today).


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Louise's funeral

Dear sisters, All members of St. Peters' C.W.L. are invited to participate in the "Honour Guard" for our dear Sister and Past President of St. Peter's C.W.L., Louise Adams at her Funeral Mass on Frida