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foster child

We received letters and artwork from our foster children. These are their letters.

A family picture that Marely drew.

Dear Sponsor, My name is Marely Nicol Escobar Guerrero, I am 8 years old and studying in the School Nacional Volivia, and in 3rd course of primary level, I live in the Eastern neighborhood, I have 3 siblings, my father's name is Adolfo and works as a day laborer. My mom called Nicolasa<Guerrero, she cares for us, we live in a wooden house with two rooms. I am very grateful for having accepted me as your sponsored child. A big hug with love, Marely.

A picture Einar drew of his family.

Dear Sponsor, I cordially greet you and your whole family. My name is Einar Ivan Lopez Coronado, I am 11 years and I study at the School "25 de Mayo", I am in 5th grade of primary and I like the area of mathematics and natural sciences, I also like to play football and basketball. My mother's name is Teresa Coronado Aguilar and she is 34 and works as a maid. My father's name Ivan Lopez Taboado and he is 33 years old and works as a brick layer, we are 6 siblings: 2 women and 4 men, I am the 4th of the family. Dear sponsor, thank you for accepting me as your godson, I send you a big hug. Sincerely, Einar.


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