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Just came off a very exciting weekend at the CWL Diocesan Convention in Drumheller. There were many interesting topics discussed over the weekend and over the next little while I will share them with you. The first one was the most disturbing for me but I think it is important to get it out there and share - internet pornography and children "addicted" to it. Yes addicted. We were shown a video, "Over 18 Documentary", which revealed this addiction - to both sexes and various ages, the women/men who participated in said videos, and an individual who "produced" this "filth". Anyway, find the documentary and watch it, for your sake, your children's and grandchildren (click here to see a clip). As well there is a device that you can purchase ($99.00ish) on Amazon called "" which every household should have to ensure children can safely be on the wifi without disturbing "popups". There are lots of tools out there to help you combat internet pornography and keep your children safe. Click on "Links" at the top of the page to find a list of websites available to parents and caregivers.


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