april adoration

Well I'm sure you noticed that March came in and went out like a lion; also back on Feb. 2 (cloudy), trusty old groundhog did not see his shadow so only 4 more weeks of winter - so all those myths shattered (again). What's not shattered in these pandemic times in which we find ourselves is our faith and belief in our Lord Jesus Christ. This month of adoration, take the time to go to church to spend some quiet reflection with Jesus, whom you can embrace, or there are sites offering on-line adoration. Not the same - but in desperate times we must take desperate measures. Stay healthy and safe my dear sisters.

Prayer to Jesus Before the Blessed Sacrament: Jesus, each time I look at the Sacred Host, sanctify my eyes, that they may close more and more to all that is merely earthly. Jesus, each time I look at the Sacred Host, send a ray of divine light into my soul, that I may better know you and myself. Jesus, each time I look at the Sacred Host, send a flame of divine love into my heart to consume everything in it that is displeasing to you and to set it all on fire with Your love. Now and in eternity may my only desire be to contemplate the infinite beauty of Your divine countenance which delights the angels. Amen.

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