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community life

ways you can get involved:

Community life is all about helping and providing support wherever possible to our community to become a better living environment. We do this by:

  • being the voice for the people including a voice for the refugees and new immigrant against government policies that are against our Christian virtues;

  • providing whenever possible non-medical,  emotional and psychological support to individual(s) who are undergoing life threatening challenges;

  • and above all, seeking out ways to help and provide appropriate relief to people in need of food, shelter, clothing and those that lack the facility of living a truly human life or afflicted with serious distress.

  • Project Warmth:  Every fall, St. Peter’s CWL collects blankets and warm clothing for Calgary’s underprivileged.  In 2011, over 50 bags were collected in support of Project Warmth. Also benefiting from this collection on alternate years is the The Calgary Drop In Centre.

  • Development and Peace: Founded in 1967 by Canadian bishops, clergy and laity, this is a membership-driven organization whose mission is to fight poverty in the Global South and to promote greater international justice. The name of the organization comes from the Church encyclical Populorum Progressio which links true development with lasting peace.

  • Foster Child: Since 1981, St. Peter’s CWL has supported a foster child through the proceeds of its popular monthly Cake Raffle – see fosterchildletter for a letter from Helen.  To make your culinary contribution or volunteer, please go to Events and sign up for your month of choice under Cake Raffle Sunday.

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